Laughing and Getting Advice (Yes I’m talking about Nasreddin Hoca)


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In TURK culture, you can be grown up hearing thousands of stories.  Some of these story main characters can be Nestor person. I  had been love imagine perhaps cause of this I had been loving listening stories. Nasreddin Hoca is one of most famous and important character for us and also I heard in the other turk(originally) countries as an Uzbekistan has also a character who is so similar to Nasreddin hoca. In the psychology we know giving information with a story is outlast in our memories, I think, therefore, ın our culture a lot of characters give advice to listeners. In briefly, Nasreddin Hoca is so funny person, however, this one he is so clever and the most famous featıre of Nasreddin Hoca is his allusive,  challenging sentences. I think if you read one of  short anecdote , understanding can be more easy :))))


The Criticism Of Men

Hodja and his son went on a journey once. Hodja preferred that his son ride the donkey and that he himself go on foot. On the way they met some  people who said:

-Look at that healthy young boy! That is today’s youth for you. They have no  respect for elders. He rides on the donkey and makes his poor father walk!

When they had passed by these people the boy felt very ashamed  and insisted that he walk and his father ride the donkey. So Hodja mounted the donkey and the boy walked at his side. A little later they met some other people  who said:

-Well, look at that! That poor little boy has to walk while his  father rides the donkey.

After they had passed by these people, Hodja told his son:

-The best thing to do is for both of us to walk. Then no one can complain.

So they continued on their journey, both of them walking. A  little ways down the road they met some others who said:

-Just take a look at those fools. Both of them are walking under this hot sun and neither of them are riding the donkey!

Hodja turned to his son and said:

-That just goes to show how hard it is to escape the opinions of men.



Hatice Kübra KILINÇ



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