Once upon a time. There was a bald man who lived with her mother in a small house. He’s a bald boy as the name suggests. When her mother loved him, she told, ‘My bald son, my beloved son.’ He likes his mother very much, and he values ​​his mother. Keloğlan was a woodcutter. It was a happy life…


Yes, this story is in the heart of every Turkish child. There is no one who does not know this tale in childhood, and doesn’t love him. There is no child who does not listen his adventures and cries with him, laugh with him..

When we are a little baby, our mothers first tell us… Then our grannys tell this tale.. Then we watch on TV, then read in fairy tales..They always start with the phrase ‘Keloğlan (bald boy) Keleş oğlan(handsome boy)’..

We all find something in our life from Keloğlan’s life. Mother’s love, happiness, contentment, handicraft…

Besides, Keloğlan has a love: Daughter of the Sultan!

Here the imagination of the child’s heart is enhanced. For example, Ali saves the son of the sultan of snakes from a fire burning. The Snake Sultan gives him a charming ring. Thus, Ali marries the Sultan’s daughter. Ali’s dreams come true.

You will understand, the lesson at the end of the fairy tale: ‘Being good-hearted can lead you to the most beautiful spots of life’.

Then let’s keep our hopes alive. With love, with happiness…






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