When I was a child, what type of anime did I watch?

Usually, having done my homework, I used to turn on the TV in order to relax in our living room.

There was specifically one type of anime that made me puzzled and kept me nervous when watching: Case Closed.

A Japanese detective manga series called Case Closed or Detective Conan is written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. Consisting of 92 volumes, the anime deals with the sharp intellect of a boy or rather an adult called Conan. This intelligent guy’s way of finding out the unsolved and clarifying questions that nobody else could answer is quite dazzling.

His real name is Jimmy Kudo and as a high school detective, he is the one being called by the police to help out. One day, Jimmy is forced by an organisation to take in a specific poison. This poison does not turn out to kill the young detective: Surprisingly, the poison develops the young man into a child. From now on, he has two identities, which he always tries to hide from specific persons.


One of these persons is his friend Rachel and her father Richard. This is not only interesting because of the suspense that comes out of the tension between friendship and his identitity as a secret detective, but also because the father of his friend Richard is a private detective as well. Consequently, it is Jimmy who supports Richard when he struggles with solving his specific cases. For his support, Canon chooses an interesting way: He lets Richard sleep in order to impersonates his voice. By doing so, he can keep his secret identity and solve the case at once.

After 15 years I ask myself: Would I watch this series right now? If I would, what were the reasons for it? Generally, when I think of Detektiv Conan, as it was announced on the German TV, I would say that I would love to turn on the TV and find this anime! Firstly, with its various type of cases, it was always full of surprising effects that made the observer stay tuned! Secondly, the problem of puzzling identities and the question marks and moments of tension always managed to inspire its audience. The techniques the series uses and the way the criminal acts and their solving are presented makes the careful listener and observer become more and more curious about the characters thoughts and motives!

So whenever you feel like going back to time and enjoying an old anime: Watch Case Closed and let yourselves inspire by one of Jimmy’s fascinating intelligence trips!


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