Bachue and the origin of man.


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I really love the topic of this week because I love stories, In Colombia we have a lot of histories from the past. As you might know already we have Gabriel Garcia Marques, He was a Colombian writer how was awarded with the Novel price in literature. Additionally, Rafael Pombo mostly remembered for this contribution to children’s literature, among his most popular children’s fables are “Michín, Juan Chunguero, Pastorcita, La Pobre Viejecita, Simón el Bobito, El Gato Bandido, and El Renacuajo paseador”. However today I will like to tell you a story that is a little bit more ancient.

Bachue and the origin of the man is legends tell by the Chibchas natives from Colombia. The legend tells that long time ago before man was created almost everything was covered by water. The Chibchas lived in Tunja (Colombian city). On the north of this region big lakes name as Tinjaca and Hunza were located, and in the middle of both lakes there was a mountain and on its tope the Iguaque lagoon was placed. This lagoon was considered as a sacred place.

Chibchas believe that before the first man was created, from the waters of the sacred place a beautiful woman was born. This woman was called Bachue, and holding her hand was a tree years old boy.

Bachue was dedicated to look for a safe place to live, so she thought that the best place was down on the bottom of the mountain where the Iguaque town was later was founded. Bachue thought that Iguaque was the best place because of its weather. Then Bachue built a house to live with the kid. Time passed and the little boy became a man, and he got married with Bachue.

This marriage let little by little the region was full of people, because Bachue and her husband were moving around different places creating towns. The legend tells that in every delivery Bachue had between four to six babies at the same time.

After many years when Bachue and her husband were old and there were a lot of people, they decided to return to the place they belong. The couple holding hands returned to Iguaque. The town now created was upset for their departure, so they followed Bachue and her husband until the lagoon.

Bachue left a message to keep peace and equilibrium between man and nature, and in the middle of her tears she said good bye, once again she hold her husband hand and walked to the lagoon. When they touched the water they became huge snakes and disappeared. Chipchas used to say that sometimes Bachue appeared to the once how summoned her asking for help and thank her for all the gifts they receive from her.

This is a traditional story tell by the natives long time ago. It allows us to see believes from our past. Another stories are “Bochica”, “El Dorado”, “Los Tikunas” among others that let us understand our past and our culture.

Here is a video of the story, you will be able to hear some traditional music and to see the story, hope you enjoy it Bchue.

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See you next time.


Sara 🙂


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