We created this blog not just for sharing about our cultures, but we wanted to show to the world how we can exist together with our differences..

We come from different countries, growing up in different cultures, having different hopes and fears, and we have different beliefs.

It’s never been a problem for us to laugh together. It’s never been a problem for us to complain about how busy we are.It’s never been a problem for us to joke about marriage or clumsiness. Cause we share only one feeling which is enough to exist together : LOVE.

We love each other which come with trying to understand.

Why do you prefer that?

Why do you believe that?

We love each other which come with worried about each other.

Are you okay?

Is there any problem, I’d like to help!

We loved each other which come with being thoughtfull.

Hey girls!Did you see this! It is halal food, you can eat there too! We should go there.

Nati, why don’t you eat? – I ate all day, but you were fasting. Don’t share your meal with me! 🙂

These are, what I see, is respect..These are things that bring us closer to each other.We just loved and find some common values.


Why do I say these, why today?

The news I read yesterday made me very sad. A 17-year-old girl was killed for her belief. This is not the first time. Surelly It will not last. Because human beings have lost their humanity. We lost values ​​that make us human. We have lost many human emotions such as compassion, love, respect, not exceeding someone else’s limits, observing justice, empathy, helping others.. Moreover, we took the fear of Allah from our lives. We filled the jails with criminals. Murder, rape, theft, and to take a person’s life because we just could not tolerate it. We forgot that we are all human and that someday we all will die.

A young girl. She has the right to live like everyone else. There is freedom of belief. There is freedom of education. But she was killed by someone who lost his humanity. And they are both very young, both in the spring of their lives… I am so sorry for both of them.. As Nabra Hassanen’s father said…

When I go to the court, I’m going to look him in the eye : Why did you do this to my daughter? Then I’m going to forgive him and leave him to God’s face. The Lord is going to judge him. He took my daughter’s life.


Nabra Hassanen


Humanity, world people need to wake up. We need to put love, respect and mercy in the heart of mankind. Otherwise the world is getting worse every day. It is not enough to be a good person in the world. We need to improve the environment and the earth. We will account to Allah …

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish from Gaza, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, gave a name to his book “I shall not hate” after watching his three daughters  killed by bombs thrown by Israel.. I want to finish my article with those words :

I shall not hate, I shall love. I will not be afraid and not approach people with prejudice. For the world to be full of people who love each other, I will do the greatest thing I can : I will love all people.. 

Thank you for reading


Dilara 🙂


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