Screenshot 2017-06-28 22.59.58.pngWriting never been so hard. I thought that what will I write more than one week, and still I can’t decide. Sorry for now if I write complicate cause I’m confused. If you could read the posts of my other friends ,you know about what we talk this week.I would like to talk briefly about those who do not.

We are against any kind of aggression attack to people’s right to live and believe.

In this blog we generally share writing about own culturals, we want to spread tolerance , love , respect and we want to break prejudices.A tiny bit we want to conduce to this. Each day cause of different reasons, people are facing a lot of unfair treatment.We do not approve any of them.

Anger is an inabilty ,  ignorance ,Violence is a sign of weakness !! Last week we learn a horrible new ,unfourtunetly it was just one of them such as this events.Killing a person is like killing humanity for my opinion !!! Then we talk with our blog writers and we decide to react to this. Lats week in USA  a 17-year-old girl who name is NABRA was murdered just cause of her religion. SHE WAS A MUSLIM (and I’m a MUSLIM).

This is unacceptable,This is definitely not an event to be taken lightly.

She was kinapped and murdered after prayer out during Ramadan. SO WHY ??? Just cause of hatred. The murderer was absolutely an ignorant person cause if he would know he wouldn’t have hate. If this event about ISLAM , there is nothing to be anger ,mad or  there is nothing to grudge in ISLAM. Reason of islamafobi is just a prejudice and an ignorance. In this writing I’m not try to tell ISLAM . if you wonder or exact opposite If you are prejudiced against  to Islam , research and learning are your duty.

I had not been met with Nabra and if this event didn’t happned perhaps, I wouldn’ have hear even her name, however this me and nabra’s the most comman this is our belief. Nabra was killed cause of her religion. For this reason it’s affected to me so much. Even talking about someone that they  don’t like when they hear is kind of attack  or harassment , robbery . When we compare with killing  to someone these are how a basic topics right !!! I am approve to each crime , small or big , it doesn’t matter. We have to react to all kind of offensive. If we see and and we don’t react in that time that mean is its our crime too.

Social ethics, love to everything that is true and beatiful ,respect , being patient when you are angry these all of them are my religious duty but at the same time these are a comman value that everyone should have.

A murderer who killed Nabra damage to by himself more than Nabra , yes unfourtunetly Nabra died but this worldly life has an end and it’s then real life begins, real infinty life at that time he will pay for what he did. Any judicial system never ever can’t fair such as judicial system of our Creator.

There is no end to hating. There is no winner of hate. (Those who hate, those who anger do not win/there is no winner of people those who hate* ) The causes of these quarrels for trifling reasons. Violence is unacceptable … We can not arbitrarily harm a human, a flower, an ant, and even an object. Even if effective justice is not provided in this world, then our creator will give it in the Hereafter. Nabran’s father referred her daughter’s killer to Allah, because he is the best of revenge takers.


Sometimes the nafs, sometimes the ego, sometimes the devil can cause the evil things done. We can take a stand with our minds and hearts against these evils, and for this reason we have to have a healthy mind, heart, and soul. Please try to make your soul, your heart and your mind to most beautiful version of them. Try to do this; Read and read, find strong sources, do critical analytics, do not be prejudiced, give a big place tolerance in your heart, love easily , do not get angry, be soft, be sweet-tongued… (The earth shall be left to no one.)

In the society that ı live there are different races TÜRK KÜRT ARAP LAZ ÇERKEZ ZAZA DADAŞ ABHAZ.  

NAME CAN CHANGE BUT WE ARE  ONE!! The only thing  that shoeldn’t change is HUMANITY. Any race is not superior than others. No one else is SUPERIOR than others if and only if person who has true and geuine love superior than others.

these all sentences was only for







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