Hi everyone,

This week we decide to write something about “Humanity”. Actually it is shameful. Why? Because we need this kind of articles. We always forget who we are. We have some features that separate us from the others. We are smart, compasionate, conscientious. Or we should be. Whenever  we forget what we are, we kill children, we rape, we attack people with bombs, we become racist, we steal stuff and life and we become a careless person. Why? Why we forget being human? Because we jealous, we are greedy, we always want more. We can never share anything even a piece of bread. We have no tolerance to refugees. We can give money to other countries which accept them for keep them away. Maybe I past next to someone who is injured, fortunately it is not someone who is I am love, so forget it. You feel horrible when you read these right? But unfortunately these are facts.

Lets change the world! All we need is acting like human…

See you soon…




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