Differences make us big


“Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams – they all have different names, but they all contained water. Just as religions do – they all contain truths”.Muhammad Ali.

I growth up in a catholic family, my grand mother was really engage to Catholicism, but she always told me hat we are all brothers and sisters. I didn’t understand that back then, but I stated considering everybody as my own family and you respect and love your family no-mater what.

After that when I was 17, I move to Atlanta and I study there for 1 year at the language institute. On my first day I was really exited because I was going to share classes with people from all around the world. Even if I studied the different religions and cultures on high school it was surprising for me to see how different my classmates actually where from what I studied before. Therefore I ask my self with so many different people and religions in the world, is it possible for us to truly coexist with respect? I was afraid to do something that might hurt someone because of my lack of knowledge. Consequently, I decided to ask them about their religion and there believes, and I learned that every religion has something beautiful to teach you, that every religion want you to love, to respect and to share with others those words. In that moment I understand what my grand mother always told me about being all brothers and sisters, she wanted me to love every body no matter their religion or their believes.

I realized that if we learn and we listen to what the other has to say, why they believe in that religion or why they don’t believe and ask questions, we might find out that we are not that different we all want the same thing. However you will find something that you might disagree with. At the end of the day, spiritual respect doesn’t even have to come down to respecting a religion. It’s really a matter of being able to recognize and embrace the fact that there are ideas and people who are not the same as you.

I thing this week topic give us another change to ask our self if is really worthy to kill somebody because their religion is different, if that’s what our good or goods really want us to do, and prove our selves that is it possible for us to truly coexist with respect.

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Sara 🙂


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