Hate kills.

Hate killed Nabra Hassanen.

Whenever we turn on our TVs, smartphone news page or the radio, we hear about crimes – criminal minds, murderers, victims. Listening to many cases that include violence has become a part of our daily perception. The type of crime we would like to talk about is not any time of crime – today, we would like to write about hate crimes, the type of crime empowered by a deep sort of frustration and anger. Anger towards a specific kind of human being, towards a specific existence, towards specific groups. The acts usually culminating in murder can be directed to differing objects, but all of them are based on negative feelings that human beings keep for other human beings. In this case, Martinez’ hate killed Nabra. Nabra was a girl at the age of 17 living in northern Virginia. She was living her life, her daily routine, when something unexpected joined a moment destroying her existence.

What I can observe in my surrounding is: Due to hearing about hate crimes 24 hours per day, we lose ourselves as emotional beings, we sort of feel the blase attitude that once modernism had brought to daylight, we turn to fridges – A mechanic protection has surrounded our hearts so as not to let any empathy in them.

Sometimes, we let ourselves feel responsible, to feel like having the duty to act and to help.

After a short while, we feel powerless again – frozen in our inequality and convincing us with the little influence of a doable big big effort – “It is not worth it”. Our mental awareness is caught between these two types. Nevertheless, there are people who seem to be much more influenced by the first energy – acting.

One of these adults live in Austria. Nowadays, especially Muslims seem to experience hard times in their daily lives and hate seems to follow their way to work, to kindergarten, to school or to whatever. A young group of activists engaged in that issue and developed ideas that finally culminated in an association. With the foundation of „Dokustelle“, seven voluntarily working young Austrians find themselves listening, collecting, documenting and advising other Austrians who suffer from anger towards Muslims. Next to empowering, the group of young students aim at preventing anger and hate towards the „other“. They visit school, associations and institutions in order to talk about hate crime and spread tolerance by raising awareness.

According to me, we all have the specific kind of p o w e r with which we can e m p o w e r others. For doing so, we just need to recognize our talents and invest them in the most sustainable source – in our generation. So, the first step of helping would be asking the question: What do I have, which kind of strength to I have? And the second question should be: How can I use this source for helping others? I think, as soon as we start reflecting and questioning ourselves, we can become altruistic human beings. Sometimes, changing your own attitude can let you change the whole world. Stay tuned! 🙂Herzz


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