Hi everyone I’m hatice kübra since my chilhood ⏳👩I love to travel in my country Turkey⛵✈🚘 there are a lot of place (even you can’t imagine) This week we decided sharing travellable places.⛺🌲🌳🌞🌅🌎🌇
The importing point on travel is not fun for me I want feel at peace or learing history about that place or viewing to old artistic productions
I shared with you just a few cute place 😄😇💖💖💗💝
Place that you can travel and their cities
1) Sünnet gölü (lake) / Bolu🌄

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.34.50.png
2) Pamukkale / Denizli

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.35.46.png
3) Yeni cami(mosque)/ İstanbul

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.36.12.png
4) Tuz Gölü (salt lake) /Aksaray

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.36.20.png
5) Afyon kalesi(castle) / Afyonkarahisar

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.36.31
6) Ulu Cami (mosque) / Bursa

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.36.47
7) Sapanca gölü(lake) /Sakarya

Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.37.46


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