Dilara Kaplan


Hi guys!

I am Dilara from Turkey! A daydreaming cat fallen in love with literature! Also I am a student in nutrition and dietetics! I am really excited about this blog! It would be more interesting to talk about that how the idea of this blog is born than to talk about myself!

One day  I was sitting there watching one of those very sad news. Then I thought about how people became stranger more and more each day while the countries are approaching each other with developing technology. People living in different time zones can follow each other, living in different countries can maintain their friendship. Even so, people are fighting more and more each day rather than knowing and loving each other more.. We created this blog to tell people about our country, our culture, our thoughts and to show how we can exist together with our differences.

Hope you guys join us in this journey! See you the next post! 😄

Natalia Smaniotto


Hey guys,
My name is Natalia Smaniotto, I am from Brazil and I am an industrial engineering student. I am super excited with this international blog idea!!!
Talking about me is not super interesting as talking about my country, my city and its turistics places 😂 Then, I would like to participate with all these different people because I will show you more than soccer and Carnival about Brazil, I will show you things about this amazing country!!!
Thus, I am super happy for the invitation and I hope to help this blog to be success each day more!
See u until the next post!
Bye 😉

Sara Martinez Escobar


Hello everyone
My name is Sara Martìnez Escobar, I am from Colombia and I am studying international business. I love the idea of this international blog, because is a great opportunity to show more about my country and hopefully changing a little bit the view of my country around the world because Colombia is more than “Pablo Escobar, drugs and violence” we have many wonderful places and people.

Additionally , I would like to participate in this blog because I will have the opportunity as well to know more about other countries and cultures!!! Finally, I just want to say that I’m super excited for being part of this blog, and I guarantee that I’ll do my best in order to make this initiative that now is small something big and successful and interesting for a lot of people.

Thank you very much!
See you soon

Şeyma Nur Demir


How I would present myself? Seyma (“turkish:Shayma) ; a quite enthusiastic and passionate young woman embodying a mergence/confaltion of German and Turkish culture.
Being a student of German and English Literature and Linguistics and therefore of Goethe, Morrison or Mamet, Seyma loves reading, listening, thinking and trying to understand the world on a more creative and critical basis.

w r I t I n g Whereas every human being has a different perspective on writing, in my eyes writing is a platform for reflecting and meanwhile trying to catch some shivers from that reflection at the same time. Writing is a process full of action; writing is revealing identities and its reasons. Writing can be an asylum, when it comes to hearing and voicing yourself out of the dark.

L I v I n g Live seems to be a bundle of happiness, adventures and unforgettable memories shown by shining faces and bright colors. My dearest friend told me once “live is like a heartbeat, it goes up and down and once it stops to act like a rollercoaster you stop living.”

Let’s go on this ride together and share this individual rollercoaster movements with each other, as a collective:

Writing is Sharing, living is caring!

Şeyma Çolak


Hi everyone,
My name is Şeyma Çolak. I’m from Turkey which is one of the biggest countries of the world. Thanks to this blog I can tell you something about my country and I can reach everyone around the world . Now I will introduce myself.My major is Pre-school teaching. I love children. To me everyone has a child side. In this blog you will see two sides of me. For example I can make miniatures which is my child side. On the other hand I like try new things like writing a blog. You will see in my posts Turkish culture, making
miniatures, recipes, education of children and very different topics!

See you soon…

Hatice Kübra Kılınç

Screenshot 2017-04-02 15.51.45

Hi everyone, I’m  HATİCE KÜBRA. In a few words I’m a computer engineering student I belive that  a smile is prettiest thing you can wear so I love smile.
I’m member of this international group,  I’m excited too like my friends. All of us has an own story, own perspective, however our differences we have a lot of common ground. Already now it makes me happy learning differences and common grounds and also try reflecting to my country, culture from my perspective  . My article  will be for FELLOW DWELLERS OF THE EARTH
See you soon

Emma Marshall


Hey All!

I’m Emma. I’m from Oxford in the UK but I currently live in Istanbul – watch this space, I tend to move around a bit! I studied in London and then lived in Munich and Mannheim in Germany. I love travelling and finding out about different cultures and lifestyles, which is why I’m so excited about this blog! I definitely feel like these days we need to remember that we have so much to learn from one another.

I’m an English teacher and work with primary school children aged 7-9 years old. I love how creative and open children are. I always try to learn as much about them and their culture as I teach them about me and mine.

We can teach and learn together.